Why am I falling for my best guy friend(redo)??? pls ans?

Ok, so I have a friend named Bryant. We’ve been friends since last year and now we hang a lot. He’s on my team and in my homeroom. I always thought of him just as a friend, but lately…We kinda flirt a bit but nothing major. I always thought that he liked me because he tries to impress me. I also see the way he looks at me. Last Fri, there was a dance @ my school. He is in student council and was selling food. Me and another friend pretty much just chilled with him. When I got to the dance, he insisted on a hug and he squezed mr really tight. He also said that we had to slow dance at least once. I was like ok sure. The song was When you Look me in the Eyes. He’s a bit shorter than me, but he is kinda cute lol. He looked at me a lot and stuff. After it was over we hugged again. I walked away for a min and when I came back, he said he wasn’t single anymore. The girl who was working with(He liked her a lot) him, said yes. I teased jokingly as a friend and he said, I would have asked you, but I didn’y know hat you would say. I sai I wasn’t asking him out, but he said that he just wanted to put that out there. I was like…awkward lol. And me being an awesome friend haha I insisted that I take over the food stand and he would dance with his girlfriend…He was my first slow dance haha and now, he always reminds me of it. He moved his seat in our Health class next to me and he always wan’t to work with me. He pushed his desk close to mine a lot haha. A lot of people think we are going out and when we danced, my teacher walked by and was like awww and smiled. My friends think he likes me, but I don’t know. He always says to me…Danielle you know I’m taken? He says it joking an said he does it to annoy me. lol Oh, and today, I was switching seats and he quickly sat right under me and said, You can’t sit on my lap, because I’m taken remember? He always wants to hang a lot… What do you think? Am I being weird, Is this normal? And when I hear when you look me in the eyes, I think of him. Is that normal? I get butterflies listening to the song. When I’m with him, I feel normal…AHHH!!! Wht should I do?? Thanks

Answer #1

Aww this sucks :(

It’s pretty obvious that he likes you. But why is he being so dodgy and bringing up his girlfriend? He couldn’t have waited for you? Jerk ㅠ_ㅠ

Answer #2

I think he likes you. Its completely normal to think of him and get butterflies when that song plays. Thats so cute! You should have one of your friends ask him if he likes you. During class does he look at you and when you look at him he looks away? If he does, hes flirting with you. When he and his current girlfriend break up, ask him out. He might be waiting for you to ask. G’luck!

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