Why always rapes happen in English countries?

Why always rapes happen in English countries?

Answer #1

What is president doin?

I don’t think the President spends much time on local crime…that’s a state/city/county government thing…

Thank you legion for doing the research on this…!!


Answer #2

dont know were you got your “facts” from but they dont, they happen all over the world majority of rape victime never even report what happened to them so the “statistics” of it can never really be relied on it happens everywere

Answer #3

Y2j **You also saw the sentence written underneath that number…and by the way China, Russia & India aren’t English countries.

Answer #4

I saw what? I saw statistics on reported rapes? It doesnt mean there are fewer rapes elsewhere…
Are you simply not understanding the difference between something that is reported and something that is actually happening?

Answer #5

Maybe because many people are shallow and some people like ugly ones or ones that cannot commit to one person commit rape and maybe this only happens in the english countries.

Answer #6

These are only the reported rapes in some countries: India 10,410 Japan 1,548 Italy 806 France 735 Ireland 127 Singapore 111 China 50,331 Spain 1,902 Hungary 738 Germany 5,821 Finland 381 Israel 495 Norway 387 Russia 14,400 Sweden 2,153 US 5,168,800

US: Reports that American women rape victims receive between $20,000 to $200,000 as “victim compensation awards” encourage a HIGH rate of FALSE allegations.

Answer #7

No guys you r wrong. 90 percent rapes take pläce in english nations! Bcoz their pplz are thrusty of sex.Huh!

Answer #8

U saw that! 51 lac rapes in US! What the hell! What is president doin?

Answer #9

Rape happens all over the world…not just in English countries

Answer #10

Probz Becuase england has lots of countryside and isolated areas my mums always telling me to take care and stick mid me sista or me m8z because it happens anywhere not just for us brits

Answer #11

rape happens evrywer usually becuse people are weak And becuse people aren’t aware of some dangers I feel horrible when children get raped tho

Answer #12

Rape happens everywhere. It is just doesnt go to courts in places where it is hard for a woman to prove it… when she needs a witness because her statement isnt worth the same as a mans, or in places where she would be killed because she some how dishonored her family. Places that treat women as second class citizens have just as much rape. They just cant do anything about it.

Answer #13

Because other countries forbid it, in some countries the women that get raped get penalized with death not only to them but also to there babies. In english countries women don’t face the death penalty when they get raped and they make this aware to the men in other countries, so when they imigrate here they think it’s okay because nothing will happen to the women.

Answer #14

That isnt funny I knwo people who have been raped and its very traumatic for them

Answer #15

rape happens everywhere! not just in the english countries

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