why we couldnt all just be one country

do ya ever wonder why we couldnt all just be one country and have different nationalities and stuff? It would be so much easier on the economy, no wars to worry about. more jobs, no more homeless families, not much deaths happening from fighting. it would just be a better world and place?…

Answer #1

well in the bible it says there will be a one government when the anti christ comes. which I think we all agree we DONT want.

Answer #2

That would be the last thing we would want that kind of sounds something like The New World Order, there would still be wars and different beliefs bigger government no freedom…Trust me it’s not a good idea to become a one world system.

Answer #3

War would still exist, but it would be waged against the citizenry. More countries, all with less power, is preferable to what exists today.

Answer #4

No, it wouldn’t…consider how much corruption there is in almost every government…the larger the organization, the more the distance between the bottom & the top, and the more corruption there is. It’s awefully hard to have a conspiracy if you’re governing only two people, yes?

Besides, there is advantage to the ruling class of every country in keeping divisions between people alive & well.

Answer #5

I agree with what thedude said, but I do share PART of your idea… I think we should all use one currency. The whole 5 presidents thing: Did Ancient Rome do well with 3? That was just Rome… Imagine today? Plus, with the different religions and whatnot, there would ALWAYS be someone misbehaving…

Answer #6

lol thats why we have different division of people like 5 presidents! :]] I don’t know lolz

Answer #7

can you imagine only 1 person governing the whole world…

Answer #8

ooohhh well I sorta like assumed but lol guess I didnt really think it over…

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