Why do people self-harm and how to stop?

why do people self harm? I started self harming around two years ago and my counselor says as soon as I work out what I actually get out of it apart from relief it will be easier to stop harming. help me and does anyone have any tips about stopping?

Answer #1

I’ve been self harming for about 3 years.. your also going to have a feeling of needing to do it. the feeling will never go away, but there are ways of controlling it..

keep a journa( in a notebook or online) with you feel like you need to cut snap a rubber band hard on your wrist like what peaches 15 said.. if you ever need to talk send me fun mail.. I know how you feel I’ve been in that situation and I’m still in it..

Answer #2

I have a tip if your ready for it? I self harmed for 15yrs. I grew up in a horrible atmosphere. I wont bore you with the datails but it was my only source of relief. I hated my life and my body hated me. It was pretty bad but nobody knew about it. thats the way I wanted it. Then one summer I moved in with a new friend. she introduced me to her sister. I couldnt help but notice the millions of permanent razor blade marks on her arms from her wrists to her elbows and the 23 tattoos she had above to her shoulders! It was another form of pain release for her. As a result, her son was taken from her because she was labeled ‘unstable’. I’l never forget the horror stories she told me from her stints in hospital. These days whenever I get so angry or upset that I want to release it, I always break down and pray that I dont end up like her. Truth is that theres always some one worse off than you. Unfortunatly for me, it was my dear friend !

Answer #3

People cant take the emotional pain so they use anything to feel physical pain its just easier on them I used to do it.. I just use a journal it HELPS a lot!! or talk to a realy close friend that you trust!

Answer #4

The reason I self-harm, well I mostly cut, because to see the blood drip down my arm, to see parts of skin disappear, is like seeing all my problems go away.

Answer #5

the only thing you get out of self harming is relief I know cause I’ve been self harming for 4 years not it just make everything better for I meani I don’t want to do it but it makes me feel a lot better and my coucillor said the same thing to me 3 years ago other people just don’t know what people who self harm go through. I stopped about a month ago I keep and hair elastic around me wrist and everytime I have an hurge to self harm I just pull it and it kinda snapps my wrist (just the skin) its been workin for me so maybe you should try it

Answer #6

I believe its relief- a way of coping with pain you feel on the inside, and a way to make you feel you are in control…

Answer #7

I used to cut. it was a form of release for me.

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