Stick with online school or go to regular highschool

Im moving, not like I dont want to but its gonna be so differant for me because I wont be with the same people or even all my bros and sis. Plus I will be the new girl… Again, its nothin new except its high school I was nervous in the first place going with people I knew but than I started going to online school… Well after I move ill be the new girl in regular highschool for the first time in my entire life. Plus with all the other shiz going on I don’t know what I should do… Would you say I should stick with online school or go to regular highschool in a whole new state and differant surroundings? Please help… Thanx a bunch

Answer #1

Even though, online schooling takes the pressure off of you from socializing and maybe even doing more better- I would say that going to a public school would be better because it helps you making friends, talking to people, and getting you out into the real world. It gets you prepared, whether you are going to collage or moving out.

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