Is it better to go to a regular high school or a technical school if you want to become a doctor?

Well I have been accepted to a technical highschool but I’m not sure if I should go to my highschool because the tech has no AP classes and I don’t know if the academics or the experience will get me farther in college.

Answer #1

I’d say a regular high school. I think technical schools are geared more for people who are going into the trades.

Answer #2

Well this school has a health program but it is aimed towards nursing.

Answer #3

Do you have a guidance counselor you can talk to? He or she might have a better idea of what your high school and technical school have to offer.

Answer #4

Does the tech school offer advanced placement courses in bio, and calc? You’ll probably need at least those.

Answer #5

Probably a regular school. I’d discuss this with a guidance counselor.

Answer #6

no they only offer honnor classes. but so does the highschool…

Answer #7

no they only offer honnor classes. but so does the highschool…

Answer #8

and i cant talk to my guidence councler much because ALL the teachers at my school are preasuring us to go to the highschool

Answer #9

I’d still opt for the regular high school. If you have time, however, why don’t you do some research, and if you feel your counselors are biased maybe ask your family doctor what he thinks. He’s been there, after all.

Answer #10

yes, sure go to regular highschool and get good practical knowledge about the subjects from good professors

Answer #11

Go with the general school… You might change your mind later. I did when I started studying. In my second year to be exact. I changed direction, but it was no big deal, because my subjects in high school allowed me to study anything.

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