Who wants to explain some weight stuff to me?

I just took my BMI and I fail to understand the point of it. go to any BMI site and type in my stuff then explain the results to me I looked around but its still not clear what it means, I get the basic idea but would like someone who does understand to explain.I'm 18 my height is 5'8'' or 68inches I weigh 134. The site gives me the number 20.4. Thank you to anyone who explains this to me.

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So it doesn't tell you anything really, just that you could be fit or is the test just to get an aproximate answer? If thats the case where do I go to find more specific information like body fat%, muscle%, and to see if im healthy?

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anything under 18.5 is underweight. anything above 29.5 is overweight. above 35 is obese. I think it does not work well for teenagers and young people until they are done growing officially. I bet that you are done growing so it would be more accurate for you. congrats on being average weight. the ideal is between 19 and 25.

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