Who thinks im lucky? Sorry its kinda long..

Im 18 years old and just started last week to buy lotto tickets(649).. And I won 5$ the first time,so I bought another ticket, and I won a free ticket with encore, so today I go to check the ticket, and I won 80$ plus a free ticket with encore, I got 4 numbers right and my encore was close.

Am I lucky? Like everytime I buy one I think please god let me win… Because I have so many family broblems and stuff. At my highchool dance the whole school went because there was a draw for an ipod(this was when the ipod first came out)… Anyways I won the ipod… And there were other draws in our school and I won a few cakes.. I also won a free week at this new workout place.. and a few scratch cards..

What I remembered is that when I was about 10 years old, I went to europe to visit my grandparents, and I was digging a whole in a random spot in the backyard, and I found a horseshoe. I heard that finding a horseshoe is good luck. I wish I kept it…I dunno where it is now.. But who believes its true? Do you think thats why im so lucky because I found a horseshoe??

Answer #1

I guess it’s possible. There are lucky people out there, and maybe your one of them.

Answer #2

Everyone knows the Lotto is rigged

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