Do you think im being babyish?

Im afraid to sleep with the light out even tho that I told both my old middle school and my current high school on what he did and cid are involved about hiim raping me do you think im being a baby to not sleep with the light out?

Answer #1

Not when you have had things happen to you that wernt very nice no. Im 31 I was abused as a child and I still like to be able to see my suroundings at night. It lets me not worry about who may be around. I would get some sort of night light and try that. Sometimes its just being able to see your room thats helps. Good luck and get some counilling. xx

Answer #2

I sleep with the night light on because of my sister. And I understand that some people are either used to it or have something to be afraid of. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Plus I’ve gotten kinda used to the night light… And it’s not all bad.

Answer #3

nah thats fine everyone has something they fear You should get a little light and than use that one and than I smaller light and sooo on…

Answer #4

uhh yeah kinda…there is nothing to fear in the dark… but since this has been a huge problem I think its a ‘normal’ reaction to shock…just try to do at least something about it…

Answer #5

Nope, I slept with the lights on for a long time. Nothing wrong with it… I eventually stopped…

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