Who should I pick, the one I love with my heart, or with my body?

I’m meaningfully, and understandably attracted to a beatiful, smart girl who likes me back. Sexually, however I find myself watching other guys. What should I do? My heart is torn…

Answer #1

go with your heart, the mind is very deceving

Answer #2

Go with your heart. I think you’ll definitely regret it if you dont. Later on in life, once you’ve given into the sexual temptation of other guys, and none of those relationships have lasted, you’ll be thinking “I should’ve listened to m heart”. But the person you love will have already moved on. So, yeah, definitely go with your heart.

Answer #3

I would say go with your heart bcause your body can always adjust.

Answer #4

It’s all nice and everything to believe that liking someone’s character and inner self is important, but a relationship isnt going to last if you’re not attracted to that person. Physical attraction is important. As much as we like to think it isnt. You’re young. There’s no need to try and label yourself or figure out what you want just yet. If you like a person, you like them. Who cares what gender they are.

Answer #5

do what everyone else is saying.. Definitely go with your heart, Unless your heart says go with the sex.. It is true your other partner can adjust.. However, if he or you find it challenging then talk to each other.. about what you two would like to experience.. ALso what you two would like to do to eachother.. Words are just words, they can either get you further, or, the other person can disagree.. Never can they fail you.. Talk with each other and find out what you both like.. I say this because now you can have the person you deeply care for, and can change the sexual relationship you both share.. It’s really a win win.. Or if you prefer, to have your cake and eat it too..

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