Who's your fave sesame street character?

this is a serious question. I love big bird. but when I watched it a few months ago I was like… wow. the guy inside that costume must be a pedophile. and I like miss piggy ha.

Answer #1

haha touche liz

Answer #2

haha lol um, I guess the kid with the hearing aide…joke hmm id have to say cookie monster than…I can relate to him the most OH NO thats right, they changed him to fcking carrot monster or something FCK SESAME STREET

Answer #3

underwaterophelia shes kidding I guess you dont get her sense of humor…don’t take everything so literally…laugh. and I think its funny. its pretty freaking creepy and pedophile means ‘love of children’, so if her works with kids, he must love them right?

Answer #4

kermit all the way…lol miss piggy was cool though

Answer #5

ya, I would have to say elmo is pretty sweet. the count kinda scared me though.

Answer #6

I have to go with Kermit.

Answer #7


Answer #8

elmo is tha shyt!!! and the Count was my role model…he was a pimp…lol

Answer #9

Oscar the Grouch! Oh yeah, he’s awesome.

Answer #10

ELMO!!! (and the garbage can dude)

Answer #11

BLLSHT!!! o my god!

Answer #12

um because he wears leggings and plays with little children

Answer #13

Why would the man inside the Big Bird costume be a pedophile? That’s not really an intelligent thing to say.

Answer #14

haha I know theyre all like WOAH ITS BIG BIRRRD! hes so sweet! he seems like a pimp.

Answer #15

I love big bird too. He made the show every one showed big bird respect when he did show up on the show.

Answer #16

elmo is tha shyt!!! and the Count was my role model…he was a pimp…lol

Answer #17

That would not make him a pedophile. Lots of people work with children or dress in costumes–neither thing would make one a pedophile.

Just because one works well with or enjoys children doesn’t mean he or she is a pedophile.

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