Favourite sesame street character?

Mine is elmo and cookie monster! And yours…

Answer #1

I liked Big Bird!! So awesome! I think people have forgotten about him though… :(

Answer #2


Answer #3

elmo and cookie monster, duh!!!

Answer #4

veggie monster!

Answer #5

elmo freakin rocks my socks!! I still get up early some morigns to watch elmo’s world!!!

Answer #6

I always loved Ernie. I think we like the character who most matches our personality.

Answer #7

Elmo and cookie monster <33 They’re the freaking best (:

Answer #8

My favourites in order of preference.

  1. Animal
  2. Grover
  3. The Miami mice
Answer #9

I would ahve to say Elmo! :]

Answer #10

Oscar lawl

Answer #11

I felt like me and Grover had a connection. Both were naive and oblivious. Both were fifth wheels… so we hung out a lot.

Answer #12

elmo and cookie monster, duh!!!

Answer #13

I agree. The cookie monster and then the second is Elmo. ^^ lol.

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