Can someone send me a link to a picture for all the Sesame Street characters?

can someone send me a link to a picture for all the sesame street characters ? im making a short film and i need some pictures to make the costumes plzzzzzz?

Answer #2

thank you but can u find any picture with all of them ? instead of all those google pics ? because i cant :/

Answer #3

I quote what you asked for: “… i need some PICTURES to make the costumes “. You got a link to a lot of PICTURES as requested because there are a lot of characters. I doubt that you would get a single picture that had them all, and showed them clearly enough to design costumes on the basis of that one picture.

Answer #4

damn im still on the search for 1 or 2 pics to complete it .. i gotto have these on a projector screen while i do the costumes

Answer #5

There are over a hundred muppet characters that have credits on Sesame Street which ones do you still need to complete costumes for ?

Answer #6

[link removed]

Answer #7

[link removed]

This shows the costumes of most of the characters , but not all in clear display, though…

Answer #8

Try posting the link without the h t t p : / / bit and also without the www. bit if there is one. They can be inserted manually as long as the rest of the link is visible. .

– Best wishes - Majikt5hise.

Answer #9

grrrr i need 3 to 4 pics >.>

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