Who are Miley's best friends?

who iare miley’s friends

Answer #1


Answer #2

her bff are Emily Osment, Tory, Lesly, Vanessa Hudgens,Ashley Tisdale, her mom and Mandy Jiroux

Answer #3

My BFFs are Tory, Lesley, Emily, Mitchel, Vanessa, and Ashley

Miles [:

Answer #4

mandy,tori,lesley,ellie,racheland ashley.

Answer #5

its lesley, tori, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, her family, vanessa hudgens, corbin bleu, and more

Answer #6

emily jackson mitchel

Answer #7

all disney stars are Miley’s friend. And she got her friends back in Tenesse..she has LOTS of friends!!

Answer #8

marcia, kyla,miriam and etc?

Answer #9

me I know my name is radek haha no best friends from true life is lesley and in the hannah montana is lilli and oliver. HI MILEY I LOVE you THAT TRUE.

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