What's a good idea for making a video with your best friend; it has to be funny?

im at my best friends house and we want to make a video. we want it to be funny and creative and stuff but we cant think of anything!!

Answer #1

you could pretend to be super dumb and stuff…

Answer #2


Answer #3

yay…does that mean its funny?? :)

Answer #4

lololol makeup.

Answer #5

like clowns??:)

Answer #6

Like act serious but make it a joke, like make the makeup look horrible but act serious about it.

Answer #7

oh i like that! :)

Answer #8

Pretend to be super heroes and save u friends house from some makeshift villians. don’t forget the cape.

Answer #9

u could try to make a parody of ur favorite song, or make you own mini sketch of a movie

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