How can I surprise my best friend for her 17th birthday?

My best friend always tries her hardest to make sure I have the best birthdays… I feel like its my turn to give back to her. Her birthday is in august and I want to start planning early to make sure its a birthday she wont forget. What can I do for my best friends 17th birthday party to make sure its memorable and to tell her that I love and care about her?

-confused twinkles ?

Answer #1

buy her a special memorable gift.. maybe get all her closest friends together and have a surprize party. like take her out for lunch on her birthday… and get people to set it all up.. then take her around to it.

Answer #2

What does she like? You could put things she likes together. I did the same thing for my cousin when she was 19. I rented a party room at our bar in town. It was just me her and a few friends. Yet we still talk about it to this day. The party was 3 years ago.

Answer #3

omg act like your not doing anything..even act like you like almost forgot and then do what I did for my friend 18th birthday… I rented a resterante or club and trust me she will be soo surspise!!! good luck = )

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