Who likes so you think you can dance?

I love so you think you can dance..who else?

Answer #1

OMG I love tat show I have seen all the seasons from nick to sabra…I cant believe kherrington and gev got elimnated last time I loved both of them…I want joshua, twitch, or will 2 win! ha whenever I finish watchin it I feel like dancin!!! love it!!!

Answer #2

I love so you think you can dance too and I love danceing too…

Answer #3

Oh my god, I live for it. I wish I never stopped dancing otherwise I would audition to be on it. I think my favorite this season is Chelsea.

Answer #4

That shows really good!!! I love that show mi fav is Carrington!! She’s tha bom like Tic-Tic!!! Hahaha

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