Salsa dancing lessons? Do you think my wife would like that idea?

There was this cheesy Richard Gere movie my wife & watched a few weeks ago - he took dance lessons from Jennifer Lopez, and then hid the whole thing from his wife (very strange).

Anyway, I was thinking of registering for a dance class at the local community center - it’s not too far away, and they have some salsa classes that are supposed to be fun.

Do you think this is a good idea, or should I ask my wife before I register the two of us?

Answer #1

Suggest it to your wife first and see what she thinks about it, Id love to do salsa lesson i think it would be great and fun. Tell you wife you would love to learn but really want to with her..

Answer #2

If I were you I would suprise my wife with the lessons. I think she will probably thinh it’s very romantic. But did she say after the movie: ‘Hmm, salsa is a very nice thing’ or so? Because if she didn’t said anything about it, you can better check you’re wife if she is ok with it. Good luck!

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