What do you think of Cody Linley dancing with the stars?

What do you all think about Cody linley on Dancing with the stars? I think he’s dorky in a cute way, and him and Julianne Hough seem to be having.. FUN. :D

also its kinda weird how he’s so open about her being “hot” when everyone watched him checking her out in the first video for the cha cha. and also for the rumba.

but I think he’s funny and cute. just in a dorky way.

Answer #1

Anyone dancing with Julianne Hough is a winner, and she IS hot.

I think he is open and honest in a very nice way. Not pretentious and not trying to act.

Answer #2

I havent seen him on dancing with the stars, but he is so cute on Hannah Montana. lol. I feel like I am so much older than him, but I think I am only a year older. lol.

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