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A hub for house music lovers. Live DJ performances streamed by talented electronic music performers. House Music Asylum, a place for house heads with a welcoming community.

About House Music Asylum TV

Who we are

Welcome to HouseMusicAsylumTV on Twitch! We are a dedicated hub for house music lovers, offering a unique space for electronic music enthusiasts to come together and enjoy live DJ performances from talented artists. Our community is built on a passion for house music, creating a welcoming and interactive environment for music lovers to connect and share their love for the genre. Whether you’re a seasoned house head or new to the scene, HouseMusicAsylumTV is the place to be for all things house music.

What we Do

At HouseMusicAsylumTV, we bring the best of house music directly to your screen. Our platform showcases live DJ performances from a variety of talented electronic music artists, delivering an immersive experience that captures the essence of the house music scene. From deep house to tech house, we curate a diverse range of performances that cater to all tastes within the genre. In addition to live performances, we also offer special shows and events that highlight the latest trends and developments in the house music world. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the sounds of house music.

Why you should use us

HouseMusicAsylumTV is more than just a streaming platform – it’s a community of like-minded individuals who share a deep love for house music. When you tune in to our channel, you’re not just watching a performance; you’re connecting with fellow house heads from around the world. Our interactive features allow viewers to engage with the artists, request songs, and participate in real-time chat discussions. Whether you’re looking for new music recommendations, want to discover emerging artists, or simply want to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of house music, HouseMusicAsylumTV has something for everyone. Join us and be part of a community that celebrates the power of music to unite and inspire.

What can you ask?

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  • Are there any upcoming special events or shows that I should look out for?
  • Can I connect with other viewers and share my thoughts on the music being played?
  • What sets HouseMusicAsylumTV apart from other house music streaming platforms?
  • How can I support the artists featured on HouseMusicAsylumTV?
  • Are there any opportunities for aspiring DJs or producers to showcase their talent on your platform?

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