Who knows what I mean..?

Can anyone guess what the hell I’m talking about in this poem…

I am not a number, I am the same to you. I’ve walked the same homeland. I’ve been what you’ve been through.

27 was my number, I was not allowed a name. They killed it with my family, And a number with the blame.

“Just a stupid number” That’s what they all would say. We were “not now people”, They told us everyday.

Because I am a number, I can’t do all I wish to do, But I am not a number, As I am more human than you.

If you don’t know and want to know comment or funmail me…:)

Answer #1

I was thinking holocast too…I do notknow really. SOme type of family history thing perhaps or mm does it involve jail?

Please do not be ofended.

Answer #2

I think that your poem means that : your a person everyones a person,and everyone goes through almost the same promblems.and nobody should be bullied or anything of the sense of the word.so e-mail me back if you have anymore questions.OK.

Answer #3

I hope my guess is not offending (curse me out if it is), but are you talking about The Holocaust? killed it with the family, I mean, that was what I was thinking about, The Holocaust. they also didn’t think certain people were human. please let me know if I’m right. again, sorry if it was offensive.

Answer #4

I dont know! What is it? Can you funmail me the answer?

Answer #5

I dont know! What is it? Can you funmail me the answer?

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