Rolf I don't know which one but what does it mean?

What does rofl or rolf I don’t know which one but what does it mean???

Answer #1

rofl- rolling on floor laughing … lol- laugh out loud… lmao- laughing my a off … roflmao- rolling on te floor laughing a off

Answer #2

rofl means roll on (the) floor laughing but nowdays kids make up all kinds of letters that stand for variouse words so it could mean what the first person said

Answer #3

ROFL - rolling on floor laughing.

ROFLMFAO = rolling on floor laughint my f#cking ##s off.

Answer #4

yea I got it now thankx

Answer #5

ROFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

Answer #6

Rolling Over Fu*king Laughing

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