Who Knows The Smallest Gauge Size?

I want my friend to gauge my ears. I have them pierced and I would like to know what is the smallest gauge size.

Answer #1

I went to clairs and they peirced my ears with a 18 I waited 6 weeks and today I guaged out to a 2 lol but thats a big jump and I dont recomend it but I would go to a 16 or 14 but it doesnt hurt if thats what you were worried about

Answer #2

In response to norseteg: Meh maybe it’s just who I hang with then, cause everyone I know knows that.

But I agree with you first time I stretched I went straight to 16g, and that KILLED. Recently I just went from 10g-6g and that hurt as well. I just have no patience. But it’s a really bad idea to skip sizes cause you’re risking getting a blow out, believe me you DON’T want that to happen.

Answer #3

its not that out there that someone said 18, and btw Victoria if you find some tapers then you can gauge up to about 12 with minimal pain, but after that its not really advised to skip steps since then size between actual sizes gets larger as you go up. if that makes sence

Answer #4

LOL at the above. It’s not 18.

The smallest is 24g.

Answer #5


Answer #6

24g is the smallest I’ve ever seen, but that’s smaller than what people generally get their ears pierced with. I went to a 16g the first time I started stretching my ears. It didn’t start to hurt until I got to 4g. I’m at 7/8’’ now, I’m working my way to 1’’

I wouldn’t recommend skipping sizes either. Blow outs suck. If I want to size up I have to go get my ears scalpelled because of my ear gauge placement & a few blow outs. :/

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