Does anyone know what size gun Claire's uses for ear piecring?

I want to buy some fake ear-plugs but I don’t take pain too well when it comes to my ears and im afaid I might have to stretch my earlobes, because the smallest ear-plugs PiercingClub(the people im buying from on ebay) has is 16 Gauge (1.2mm). And I have know idea if that will fit in my ear. P.s. I got my ears piecred at Claire’s when I was in the 3rd grade….im in the 9th now. -.- i don’t know if that will help or not but whatever.

Answer #1

If you have had your ears pierced for a while, they will stretch a tiny tiny bit (like, they won’t be as tight as they were straight after you got them pierced). I’m pretty sure piercing guns are usually 16g, some are 18g. Even if your hole is 18g, it won’t hurt too much to put a 16g earring through as you have had them pierced for a while.

Answer #2

Thanks! Im getting a PayPal accout in a few weeks,so it will be a while before i get the plugs. And plus my left earlobe has been hurting so im going to leave it alone and keep cleaning it with alcohol and might need to clean all of my earrings too. One of them could have some crap on them thats hurting my ear….O.o

Answer #3

The piercing gun itself doesn’t have a size. With the guns, they place the stud and that’s what actually pierces your ears. Starter studs can either be 20g or 18g, but more often 18g as most earrings are made in that gauge. You don’t have to buy 16g earrings if you don’t want to, I’ve seen those “fake plug” earrings sold all over the place in 18g sizes.

Hottopic, for example, sells them and describes them as “regular sized earrings.”

Answer #4

it is a 16 g

Answer #5

ive had my ears pirces scince 2ed grade and i put in a 14 gage and it didnt hurt that bad so i guess it depends

Answer #6

Standard piercing guns use 20g earrings, which is what mine were pierced with, but I can use 14g earrings. Any piercings done with a needle are 14g. If you got them done in third and your now in ninth, and you regularly wear earrings it doesn’t hurt much if it does at all.

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