what size gauges can I go up to before my ear will not close?

I need to know what size so I can get a bigger size im a size 4 right now and I wanna go to size 2?

Answer #1

There really isnt a way to tell until you try. I stretched my ears to a size 2 but I took them out and now my holes are closed all the way back to like an 20 (which is just a regular ear piercing) My boyfriend stretched his to a 00 and when he takes his out for an extended period of time his will close down to about a size 8.

Answer #2

Even a basic piercing may not close. I stopped wearing an earing years ago, but can still put one in. Larger holes have even less chance of closing. Ever.

Answer #3

I would say maybe a 2. When i was at a 2g i could leav them out while i slept and could easily put them back in when i woke up. But now im at a 00g and i just stretched them like 2 days ago so there realy sore and i have yet to see how long to take them out without them closing

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