What...is this a good idea for a realistic Fiction story?

Okay, so I’m writing about this girl who has been dating a guy (Not sure for how long yet, I’m thinking 4 months) and he gets her pregnant. She isn’t gonna abort or anything and right now they’re trying to figure out expenses. So would it be a good idea to make the guy have a girlfriend that is gone in the summer? Like, would it be a good story if she came back and he left the other girl? Ugh, please help me!

Answer #1

Kampf much lol

Answer #2

The question here is, who is your main character?

If it’s the boy, then turning the reader against him isn’t a good idea, but if you plan to focus more on the pregnant girl, then it would add some drama to the story.

Answer #3

I think you should do it from the perspective of the pregnant girl. Make sure you still keep the story interesting while the girlfriend and the boyfriend are deciding what to to about the baby. I really like the idea of the book!(:

good luck(:

Answer #4

Okay, the perspective is the pregnant girl. Thanks for liking my idea and all, but I need to know if this girlfriends from his past should come inand then…what? Plaease help!

Answer #5

…and, then he needs to try and figure out what is more important to him…

Should he stay with his original girl? Does he love her? Should he stay with the pregnant girl out of a sense of responsibility? Does the original girl know about the pregnant girl? If so, how does she react?

You have a lot to work with here…just put it into your own perspective…how would you feel if you were in each of those positions - how would you react?

Answer #6

omg yes and like it would b cool if the other girl became famuse or somthing showing the dude that she can deal with things on her own haha im just expressing

Answer #7

ah, love the last two answers! thanks for the help, I was really in a stuck spot…I’ll see what I can do

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