what's a good story name?

Well I have to write a story for school, but I dont know what my title can be :/

It’s about a dude called james and his mum, dad and some friends get stuck at a haunted house. His dad gets killed, but they dont know how. They find a girl, wendy, but they dont know she’s dead (she killed herself). Wendy kills ryan (james’ friend) but they dont know hes dead. Ryan and wendy kill the rest of them with a chainsaw, then james kills wendy, but ryan kills james.

Any ideas for a name? :/
thankss (:

Answer #1

murder mansion

murder place

Death mansion


Answer #2

killer manshon

beyoned the killer dead

evil beyoned the grave

killer ghost s

dead but deadly

Answer #3

ahh, now I get it, ahah, thats cool :)

Answer #4

Gray…like ghostly apparitions

Answer #5

shades of gray? I don’t get it lol, cool though :)

Answer #6

Shades of Gray

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