Who is the highest paid porn star

Who is the highest paid porn star

Answer #1
  1. Jenna Jameson

“This one’s a no-brainer. Jenna, billed as the world’s most famous pornstar, is a multi-millionaire. She’s retired from performing, so you can forget about the fees she gets per scene. Not that she still needs to do them anyway. ClubJenna, the porn company she founded with her ex-husband Jay Grdina, had estimated revenues of $30 million, with profits of approximately half that, in 2005. Playboy has since acquired the company she founded for an undisclosed sum, which I can only guess would be a rather neat sum.”

Numbers 2-5:

  1. Tera Patrick
  2. Maria Takagi
  3. Houston
  4. Hilary scott

From: http://www.listaholic.com/the-5-highest-paid-pornstars.html

Answer #2

Jenna is certainly the wealthiest but as Dara points out is no longer in the business. The other names mentioned are probably not the next wealthiest. I would think Savanna Samson is probably up there in compensation as she makes money from a variety of sources (porn, owns her own production company, wine company and dances at clubs around the country).

The girls that limit their scenes to 10-15/year probably do better financially than the girls that try to make it up in volume, but you need the looks and intelligence to be able to do the former successfully.

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