Who here takes Sprintec birth control?

I have recently been prescribed Sprintec birth control pills. I was on Yaz for 2 years and because of all the issues Yaz has had recently they have decided to switch me. Is anyone here on this birth control, if so, how long and has it worked well? Meaning, has it been 100% effective as of this date, in preventing pregnancy? Also, what kind of side effects did you experience?

Answer #1

I know it has a higher estrogen count, which is supposed to cause ovulation to be almost non existent for the duration of the pill. Tanks. =]

Answer #2

I was on Sprintec but not for birth control, for regulating period. It is obviously important to not skip.

I found it helpful to eat when taking it. At first I got sick because of not eating with it.

Since taking it my PMS is increased. Unbearable cramps and nausea. Everyone is different though so keep that in mind.

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