Who here is Pro-Life???

Are you pro-life or Pro-Choice? No pressure to answer, I know this is a personal decision.

Answer #1

Pro choice. We’re not here to judge.

Answer #2

I’m pro-choice. I generally agree with the Supreme Court guidelines in Roe v Wade. They decided that in the first trimester that a woman’s right to choose can not be abridged. In the middle trimester states can have laws requiring a medical reason for ending the pregnancy. In the last trimester states can prohibit abortion of a viable child except when the pregnancy threatens the life or health of the mother. This does a good job balancing the rights of the mother and fetus. Of course people can argue with when a child is viable; now babies as early as 20 weeks can sometimes be saved so does that mean that the trimester boundaries have to be moved back? While it is hard to draw a distinct line when in a gray area I’d say that dividing the pregnancy in thirds is as good as any. The first third the mother’s rights are paramount; the second the rights of both the mother and fetus can be considered; in the third the rights of of the fetus can be paramount.

Answer #3

I think this discussion is too often presented as being very black and white, when the real issues has a thousands shades of gray. I agree with Utopia in that abortion as a means of birth control is very selfish and irresponsible. I also think that saying a blastocyst, a zygote, or even a fetus is the exact same thing as a living breathing human is ridiculous. I think a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body to a point. At some point the fetus must have rights separate and apart from the mother. At what point in a pregnancy does that happen, I am not sure. But that is where the discussion should be. Too many pro-lifers use religious dogma to support their view. In my opinion, there will never be any resolution as long as the only reason given to outlaw it is because god said so. You will never convince a pro-choice person with that type of rhetoric.

Answer #4

I am pro-choice but do not believe in abortion as a method of birth control…use a condom, take a pill. To those who are pro-life I must ask. What, besides stating that you are against pro-choice, do you do to help the babies that you insist must be born. Do you contact your congress and tell them you want free healthcare for children, do you work to make adoption easier, do you offer to purchase clothes for the life of the child, or pay for it’s education? Or do you just say…abortion is wrong, and let it go at that…leaving the care of those babies that you insist must be born to be someone elses problem.

Is it just american babies dying that concerns you or do you send money to third world nations to supply clean water so that thousands of non-american babies don’t die from easy to cure diseases…

Or do you just sit in your ivory towers…insisting that ALL babies should be born and then not caring what type of life they lead?

Answer #5

You’re all ignoring what the asker said about quality of life. Isit fair to create a life that’s not worth living? And do you pro life people do anything at all to help those in need? Maybe you should try to think about how you’d feel if you were a pregnant teenager that made a mistake, and yes, people do make mistakes. Pro choice.

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Answer #7

if the baby going too have severe disabillties,and going to have no life expect pain and suffering then its right too have a abortion,but if the unborn baby going to be healthy pro life!

Answer #8

They shouldnt have to keep the baby if they don’t want to. I personally would never be able to go through an abortion, but if you feel thats what you need to do then you should be able to do it.

Answer #9

Pro life. If it is not a LIFE then why abort it? If it is not a baby growing inside you, then there is nothing to worry about is there? Of course it’s a life- even if it’s just small.

Answer #10

pro choice I believe a woman should be able to choose what she wants to do with her life/body - the baby isn’t developed at all and cant even be called a person, in my opinion

Answer #11

I’m pro-choice. Although an embryo is clearly alive, so are the sperm and the egg that created it, and so are skin cells and cancer cells. Whether or not it’s alive is irrelevant. What matters is whether or not it has achieved a sufficient level of conscious existence to be worth protecting.

Consciousness develops as the fetus develops. There is no hard line that can be drawn. It’s shades of gray. But prior to the development of neural tissue, there is clearly no consciousness, and so there is no rational reason to protect it. New-borns are also not yet significantly conscious, but since they are no longer attached to the mother at that point, it makes sense to go ahead and grant them legal rights at birth.

Answer #12


I live in a country where rape numbers are sky high and you can walk around on the streets and see children starving and abandoned. We are also the country with the highest HIV/AIDS numbers in the world and countless of HIV positive mothers give birth to HIV positive babies that no one wants to adopt. I’m not saying that those children should have been aborted, but I do feel that each and every women should have a choice in their circumstances.

I also feel that the majority of people that claim to be pro-life are people that would have alternative options when they are pregnant.

Answer #13

pro life. I agree with abortion only where the foetus is going to spontaneously abort anyway. Im studying embryology and developmental biology and I haven seen some pretty horrific disfigurements where the foetus has absolutely zero chance of survival and in those cases I think it will save the mother a little bit of the pain she is going to have to endure. I dont think abortion should be illegal though as that will not stop people making that decision, it will only make things more dangerous for the people involved.

Answer #14

Thanks guys, I’m happy that most of you agree that an unborn fetus, the second it’s created, is a life. I am curious as to one of you brought up rape as less than one percent of abortions are rape victims. Most are just irresponsible mothers who don’t want to be mothers. I would cry abstinence if I wouldn’t be a hypocrite but I do ask all that read this: Please, don’t kill the future, and if you would consider it, don’t have sex at all. How would you feel if you were that fetus?

Answer #15

I’m both.

Mainly I’m pro-life. Imo, if your gonna go out and have sex then you should be prepared for the consequences. If you weren’t ready then you shouldn’t be having sex.

I’m pro-choice though when it comes to certain situations. Like if the woman was raped. I wouldn’t want to bear the child of a rapist. Of if the pregnancy was putting both the mothers and the child’s life in danger.

Oh and I as soon as the sperm penetrates the egg and the cells start multiplying, I think of that as a life. (Cause it is, but in the simplest form.) Not just a fetus, or embryo.

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Answer #17

im pro life…weather you kill your unborn child or 17 year old child…theres no difference, its murder!

Answer #18

Pro Life. It’s not the child’s fault.

Answer #19


Answer #20

I agree the developing embryo or foetus is a life, but I’m still pro-choice.

Answer #21


Answer #22

Pro life…

Answer #23

a unborn child is a life… taking a life is murder

pro life

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