Who.world his. Did communism improve life 4 average soviet citizen?

Hi, to who ever reads, I have a project to ask people about what I just written below..can yall answer it:)

Question: did communism improve life for the average soviet citizen? Support your answer with at least 2 pts.

Answer #1

If I’m not mistaken, the US WAS a superpower after WW2, and caused a lot more problems for Russia than the other way around.

No. In communism, there is no incentive to progress or work hard. Every bit of property is government owned, thus you only have one brand of everything.

Answer #2

commuism will never work as intended. Absolute power will always corrupt absolutely. You are trusting that the governing body will be revolutionized every 10 years or so. That never happens. Free Democracy is still the best a society can build on.

Answer #3
  1. They loved it some much, they voluntarily threw it away en mass without even a revolution.

  2. “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us”

Answer #4

yes it did, the only problem with communism was that it hardly had an economy and the system couldn’t adapt, apart from that is is a good system.

After ww2 communism helped russia into a super power, capitalism would never have done that.

Answer #5

No. The old Soviet Union was ranked 64th in world ranking. It was very difficult for Soviet citizens to leave the country. Unlike to-day, the number of goods in Soviet shops was very limited. People who were able to work either had to go to work or they would be sent to a gulag. Some of this information was supplied by the late Joe Adamov, who answered questions on the Voice of Russia’s popular program Moscow Mailbag. He did this program from 1956 until his death in 2004.

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