Who else like secret life of the american teenager?

Who else on here watches secret life of the american teenager besids me?

Answer #1

I absolutly love it.. I love all the dramatic scenes..everything about it just makes you want to have that sweet young love thing.. I would love to be like Ben and Amy.. if a lot of couples were like that the world would not even know divorce… divorce would be foreign..well anyway’s cant wait until next season it will be amazing…

Answer #2

I wanted to watch this show, but its almost over, and that really sucks lol, I dont like watching shows in the middle or near the end..

Answer #3

I do! I thought it was going to be so syupid at first. but then I became adicted!

Answer #4

I like it, it is a really good show and I can’t believe Amy’s mom don’t like her husband anymore. The look on his face was very sad. I can’t wait until next year and I’m still wondering what Amy is having.

Answer #5

OMG! Can you beleive the season finale? It was crazy! B ut, obviously, I love this show! So there’s an answer

Answer #6

I love the secret life of the american teenager. Even though they said that the season is over it’s not because the 1st season is to have a total of 23 episodes and only 11 have aired and the rest premires in January 09

Answer #7

yeah I love it

Answer #8

I do I really like that show,I cant wait for next year.

Answer #9

I do. It’s really good.

Answer #10

I do, I’m like obcessed with it. I just love it!

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