The secret life of american teenager

wrong catogory sorry!

     hey!! anyone is like obssessd  with the show "secret life of american teenager"???

like watched it from 1 episode till now–watevr it is loll/. because I recently started 2 watch it and I dont really wanna miss out so im now on episode 3! I don’t know what season maybe 1. and like on youtube it doesnt haev it :(( anyone knows what its about 0R any free webs to watch any show free and ALL episodes??? thanks sooo much and whos your fav character? rickys sumtimes a jerk, but I feel bad about his past and life and hes kutee loll

Answer #1

Just go to I use to watch it on youtube too.. but then they stopped.. im guessing maybe bc FINALLY abcfamily added the new episodes of secret lifee. abcfamily website never kept up when it was season 2 they only had season 1 on. It was ridiculous.. but now they upload them on before the next day :) enjoy!

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