The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

What do you think of The Secret Life of The American Teenager? I think it could somewhat be a good example for teens because it shows them how hard it is 2 have a bab at such a young age. It shows them how hard it is 2 raise a kid when your still in skewl.

Answer #1

I love that show and I’m glad it came out. It do show teenagers how hard it is to take care of a baby. It’s hard being pregnant in school because you still live with your parents. The better way is to be married and then have a family. I never been pregnant, but I have cousins that went through being a pregnant teenager.

Answer #2

Yea I dont think any movie or book will show how hard it is the only way teens will learn is to experience it. The sad thing is I dont think they will ever learn and somthing does need to be done about it.

Answer #3

Honestly - I don’t like it. It may be showing that pregnancy can be somewhat hard - but it’s not showing how hard it actually is. Not even close.

Answer #4

thts true…

Answer #5

Oh no it isn’t!Teens should study and not have sex or else what would be the difference between an adult and a teen?

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