Who else has relapsed (personal question but I'm scared)...?

ok basically, I recovered from anorexia and bulimia last year.. it’s been going pretty well, had a few minor relapses, nothing major. but recently I feel im slipping back to my old self, I feel a major relapse about to start and I was just wondering if anyone else had recovered/relapsed and could offer me any advice. im pretty scared to be honest, don’t ever want to be that girl again but don’t think I’ll be able to stay in control : / any help would be really appreciated, thanks :)x

Answer #1

Just thought I’d let you all know - I got help and I’m better now :) Thanks for all the advice, very much appreciated and reminded me that I never want to get like that again so thankyou! :)x

Answer #2

everyone who has ‘recovered’ or is recovering relapses, itd be unbelievable if someone didnt.. Im a recovered bulimic but when I first recovered I went an entire year and then slipped right back into it, and it took a lot to drag myself back out and I had minor slip ups after that but now its been 2 years and no relapse,,, so theres speed bumps and relapses but its an addiction and its hard to beat but its totally normal to fall back for a while you just have to remind urself why you stopped to begin with

Answer #3

Every recovering addict relapses. They were lying if they told you that you could do it without ever relapsing. As a recovered drug addict in my heart I know that I could still be that addict if I let myself be, or if I think that I never could be that again. Talk to somebody, tell them about it…and get help if you need it.

Answer #4

Stay stong. I almost relapsed from anorexia. Im 5’7 and weighed about 70lbs. I relapsed the year after. I almost relapsed once more but when I thought about the needles and losing my hair I reconsidered. You know what happens and you know what you will have to go through. If your having issues with bulimia you relapse, and you could puke out all your electrolights and die. Not pretty. So stay strong and think about the consequences. Fun mail me for help.

Answer #5

if you are really that scared go see a psychiatrist. hope everything goes well!

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