Who can I call for a sick old cat that needs to be put to sleep?

I found a cat that is old and very sick. He may need to be put to sleep. I dont want to leave him in the street so I took him in but he doesnt look like he will last too long. Looking for a free or very cheap place that can take this poor old cat. Any recommendations??

Answer #1

the vet, who else? :P

Answer #2

Vets are businesses who charge an arm and a leg for services. They need to make profit, after all.

Since you are in NYC, I’m sure there are tons of places such as the Humane Society and / or ASPCA that will likely help you for cheap or free if you tell them it’s a sick stray. The Humane Society where I worked would euthanize stray and sick animals for free. It is the right thing to do to put the animal out of its misery, and it’s not your pet so you shouldn’t have to foot the bill. You’re doing the poor thing a service. So call around those kind of places and see what they say. Good luck!

Answer #3

The local animal shelter…it might not be free, but it will be cheap…


Answer #4

if you have a petsmart…their vet is pretty cheap

Answer #5

The SPCA will surely help you out. They are very cheap/free in most cases. So look up your nearest one and take the cat there.

Answer #6

Do you have Animal Control in your area? Just call them, tell them you have a stray cat and they will come and get him.

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