12 yr old cat soon to be put down?

I have a 12 yr old cat its really annoying the hell outta me lol…The thing will meow and meow and meow ( as if its in heat ) yet I’ve been told by my mother in law to be that he has been fixed..(she used to own the cat before us)…so Im assuming it has been fixed.

The most annoying part is going to sit on my couch and having to breathe in cat pee… and the kids I have to force to stay off the couch cause then they will smell like it. Its peeing on the couch, in the tub, on their beds.

Thing is my boyfriend who is attached by 12 years to this cat loves this cat more than anything. and Im fed up with it. Is there anyway besides putting it down or any advice to keep the cat off the furniture and beds! ? HELP!@@

Answer #1

Well, if you want to keep your boyfriend, I wouldn’t be talking about putting down his cat. The cat may have a UTI, or kidney trouble (that happens when they get old). There’s little you can do to keep him off the furniture if he’s always been allowed…

Boyfriend had the cat when you met him…and the cat won’t be around forever…you might have to live with it.


Answer #2

Take it to the vet, it may have an infection which is making it pee all about the place…

Use a water spray to keep it off the couch

Did you do something different with the litter box? You may need to keep it in a different place (one without any foot traffic), buy two… make sure they’re not covered…

Answer #3

dont put your cat down! I agree with the person who answered first take it to the vets and see if it is ok because it may have an infection and if it is rele annoying dont get it put down discuss it with your boyfriend bt putting the cat in a rescue centre would be kinder because it would have the chance to go to another family hope this helps xxx

Answer #4

kick tha hell outta it

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