Who been into high school before?

Who been into high school before?

Answer #1

im in the alternative school now. but yes its a part of the High School

Answer #2

These are the worst years of my life. But this is just one opinion. I havent had a summer in two years. At least I graduate next year and dont have anything but electives…

Answer #3

Nope, sorry I dropped out of school in the second grade. Teacher tried to tell me that 2-10=8, what a rediculous concept. Sorry, didnt mean to poke fun. You going into high school? Been about 10 years for me but I remember my first year. I spent the first 3 months scared for nothing. In hindsight however they were some of the best years of my life. I still have friends from high school, nothing to worry about.

Answer #4

yep…I graduated in ‘08…in college now got 2 days before summer break! and I NEED it!

Answer #5

I’m in it at the moment, Grade 12, and I’m doing a 5th year after this before University…

Answer #6

I’ve been to high school

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