Is it a bad idea to have a baby after high school?

My whole life I have been waiting to have a baby. I find myself goin to the store and just looking at all the baby things, figuring out how much a baby would cost. I have great boyfriend who I have known for a few years. more than anything he wants a baby as much as I do. we have picked the names and everything. we are going to move in together in april. we both have jobs and make enough money to support ourselvs and possibly a little one. the problem is my fam. im a and only child and my mom has this vision of me goin to school forever and becoming a doctor. more than anything I want to graduate high school, have a baby, and then start college. is this a bad idea?

Answer #1

It sounds like you already have your mind made up. I’m twenty, married, and have a 7 month old son. I stay home with him every day. My husband and I are both also Army veterans. I promise you, you will not want to go to college after you have a child. You wont want to leave him for even a second! You also will never be able to provide for your child if you dont have an education higher that HS! You need a skill, trade, or anything on that little piece of paper from a school. Go to technical college. Get a degree in something!! There are many degrees that take less than 2 years if you go through the summer! By then you should have a lot of the needed baby gear (probably not extras like exersaucer, playmats and such) , have your prenatal costs saved(about $3000.00!) and maybe even a college savings started! Give him the very best head start you can give him. Don’t just give him the basics. (or her!)

My husband and I made sure that we would be stable for the next 20 years for our son. I wanted my son to be proud of me and want to grow up to be just like his daddy. I didn’t want him to see us stuggling just for the neccessities and say he didnt want to grow up like us. Could you imagine if your little one felt that way?

One more thing. For some reason, this is prime time for the, shall we say, “need to breed” to kick in. I dont know why. If you need more help I would suggest that you make appointments at WIC, La Leche League, and with a highly recommended OBGYN to discuss what you are feeling and the best thing to do. All of these people will help in a different way and will be HAPPY to do so!!

Answer #2

sure have a baby its not a bad idea seems you made a very good plan to have the baby and you’ll be able to support the child and everything else that you would need right after high school I wish I would have waited in till I graduated cause its hard to do being only 18 and on its my 2nd time being pregnant most thik I would of learned after the first one but the first one was a surprise this time we were planning on having a baby but not right when it happen so its another surprise I guss but I love my son to death and seems you have made up your mind just stick to the plan you have now

Answer #3

have you talked to any trusted friends who have babies? That might be a good place to start. they can give you a realistic picture of what a major responsibility it is to have a baby. Have you talked over the nitty gritty details with your boyfriend? Such as - is he willing to completely support you financially while the baby is still an infant? Talking to as many moms as possible is a great idea. Once you have all the facts and you’re able to work out the details, I would say to follow your bliss, and if that means having a baby, then follow what your heart tells you to do. You could also weigh out the pros & cons of having a baby soon versus waiting until after you go to college. Hope that helps!

Answer #4

yes well if you plan on goin to college bc a baby requires a lot of your time and you wouldnt have time to study bc you would be tried.

Answer #5

My wife had our daughter at 19. She just turned 31 a couple months ago. Her life changed drastically about 4 times between 19 and 31. I can’t tell you how many opportunities she missed/ turned down by having a kid (opportunities that required her packing up and leaving quickly). The 4 times her life changed ranged from working at Sonic, to learning computers and running a computer store, to starting a home cleaning biz with a friend doing millionaire’s homes, to running a major department in an aerospace company. The things she missed out on involved modeling, acting in movies and travel overseas. Obviously, with a baby, you don’t pack up and go traveling overseas (especially if the baby isn’t welcome… or paid for). Our daughter is almost 12 and of course we love her and adore her, but those “what if” questions always linger. And for the doubting Thomases, no, we don’t wish we didn’t have her!

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