white trays vs. white strips

im wanting to whiten my teeth … and im thinking about trying the aquafresh white trays because having it done by professionals is WAY to expensive … so anybody thats tried em or know somebody who’s tried em.. lemme know if they’re better than the strips or not because I dont wanna spend $30 on somethin that ain’t gonna work ya know…

Answer #1

I’m not sure about any of the White strips or the Aquafresh white trays but I’m sure they are good. I’ve never heard reviews for the white trays so, you’ll have to compare. I don’t know anyone that uses the strips or White trays I’m sure though they are great for whitening teeth. I use Colgate Advance whitening toothpaste and I love that since it whitens my teeth. Good luck and I hope you find a whitener you’ll like.

Answer #2

I looked at the reviews and almost everybody that has tried it said the gel burned their gums and tongue, and with some of them, it turned their gums white for a while. I don’t think it would be good…

Answer #3

I use the Crest White Strips - they work really well and I have never had problems with them either.

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