Why did I get red and white blotches after waxing my upper lip?

I bought these wax strips to get rid of my moustache. after I waxed my upperlip, I started getting white and red blothes. they are not pimples, but my upper lip kinda swelled up. its red and I have these white spots. is this some skin irritation or sth? how do I get rid of it? I tried putting some ice on it, didnt really work

Answer #1

Dont wax your upper lip or your face for that matter .. its will ruin your skin & in future it will show wrinkles too soon . Use thread . its not that hard and you will get the hang of it after ! and for the white and red blothes. mabye you pulled the wax to hard or mabye your skin is too sensitive. try some cream to smooth the area & if it starts to burn you then remove it and go to the shop where you got it from and ask if what happend is normal or you can go and check it out with your doctor if you wish (: x good luck

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