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Ok first I just want to make this clear that I am not raciest, I can get along whether your black, white, purple, or green, I dont care skin color doesn matter to me why do people think if you disagree or you have different opinions bout something they automatically think that you are raciest? I dont agree with everything that other backgrounds do but I also dont agree wit what some white people do, so does that make me raciest against my own race?? No I think not, and why do the people always say oh youre raciest, when you somply just disagree or you dont “like” them and what I mean by not liking them is like you cant get along, I mean you cant get along wit everybody, I understand some people are raciest so they are not frineds or waever, but thats not always the case

Answer #1

It’s because racism is the easiest scapegoat.

Answer #2

“I can get along whether your black, white, purple, or green…what I mean by not liking them is like you cant get along, “ Whaaat?

Anyway, coming from someone who is White and black herself, I’d just say it’s the things someone says. If you say something remotely degrading or ignorant, well than yeah, they’ll call you racist.

Something I HATE that people say to ME.

“I’m not racist but…”

If you have something negative AT ALL to say to someone about another race, than you are being prejudice, and so people will perceive you as being racist. Especially if you’re saying something like, “I’m not racist but, I hate when black people do this. Blah blah blah.” Which seems like something you’d probably say? Judging by the things you wrote.

Answer #3

yeah you missed the whole thing I didnt say anything NEGATIVE in that, what bout you, youre judging me, and youre judging wrong, and what can you not get by I can get along wit black, white, purple and green, the point was I dont care what color of skin you have we can get along, sorry I didnt know I had to be so elementry with it, and my point of not liking them, I didnt want people to take it that it meant not liking meant hating b/c of one color, so I put you just cant get along, b/c everyone CANT get along wit everyone if they could we wouldn have this problem now would we??

Answer #4

Well the challenge with your thinking is that, from what I read, is that you are grouping races into categories or stereotypes, “I dont agree with everything that other backgrounds do” and “I also dont agree wit what some white people do”. Regardless of what race they are, saying that all white people do this or Indian people do this, etc you are assuming that everyone in that race is the same. Which is of course not true. By saying that one does not like an entire race of people because they all uphold to the same stereotypes you have in your mind…well it is racist. And “simple not getting along” is not so simple as you may think. There is a lot of history and questions you may want to ask yourself about that statement. I think you are assuming a lot about people with that. And these stereotypes are so funny really because, for example, people say “well, black people are always late” and so psychologically perhaps we have that stereotype engraved in our minds so that everytime we see a black person who is late, the stereotype becomes more true. But white people are late too! and so are asians, indians, latinos, etc. But there is not really that stereotype for them so we subconsiously ignore it!

I really hope you think a little more about what is a stereotype and why it is better to have deep and meaningful connections with all types of people (race, class, gender, etc,)

If you have any questions for me, funmail me! I am really interested in race, culture, etc. -Emma

Answer #5

Associating “getting along” with a race can easily be construed as racism. Individuals get along with other indviduals. If one says they don’t get along with a very specific group (ie. race, ethnicity, religion, etc…), then that is engaging in stereotyping, which is a form of racism. Most people do this, and do not recognize it as racism, but it is. It is certainly much more benign than a say a nazi or klansman, but racist nonetheless.

Answer #6

I didn’t mean that YOU were being negative, I was saying that if SOMEONE does say something negative…

Should have spaced it, my bad.

And you asked a question, I gave you my answer. I never said that you judged anyone. And I wasn’t judging you, or who you ARE. I was saying that with what you said seemed wrong… Maybe you should re-read what you type? Maybe?

And I can hardly understand anything you say. I understand by what you mean with the getting along part, now.

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