Can you use white glue all over your face as a peel off facial mask?

in some youtube videos there are people using white glue (eg. elmer’s white glue) on their noses as an alternative to pore strips. I was wondering if it would be alright to use all over your face like a regular peel off mask but at a cheaper price? please let me know your answers!!

Answer #1

I’ve never seen or heard that myself, it does not sound too good, I would not use it if your using other kind of glue other than the one that was showed on the youtube video.

Answer #2

Buy a facial mask ? Its probably cheaper than glue… >.<

Answer #3

i dont recommend that. lol

Answer #4

personally :S i wouldn’t use it…seems like a bad idea..theres way too many chemicals in glue n the last thing u would wanna do is put all that on ur face…especially if ur tryna make ur skin better :-l

Answer #5

Umm that sounds harmful.

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