Am I too young to use face masks?

am I to young to use face masks? im 13 , I just was wondering how often I should use face masks, and if I should use them at all? thanks.

Answer #1

I’m going to tell you one thing, and that is you are NEVER to young to start cleansing your face.Face masks are great and leave a tingly clean feeling.Keep doing it! You probably have beautiful skin :)

Answer #2

well what are u going to use as a mask??? I”d do it about once a week. use stuff for young skin, and just wash your face with water other days

Answer #3

Of course not, I’m 13 as well and I always use them. I love have myself surrounded by beauty supplies! :)

Answer #4

I use them and im 13. id use them about once a week :]

Answer #5

oh im going to try an avacodo mask because I have dry skin.. and kinda oily.

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