Which party do you want to win the general elecation?

hello I was just wondering what party everybody wants to win the general election? What does each party stand for? Thanks :)

Answer #1

I believe that conservatives deserve a better party than the Republican party and liberals deserve a better party than the Democratic party.

I have a fond spot for Libertarians because like many people I went through my own libertarian phase. While I retain some libertarian leanings if you pump this ideology to its extreme it isn’t workable.

I think the US will outlive both the Democratic and Republican parties. It looks like the Republican party will die out first. The last several years the percentage of Americans who consider themselves conservative has been growing while the percentage who consider themselves Republicans has been shrinking. There are lots of American conservatives who do not feel like calling the Republican party home. The most likely successor is probably the Constitution party though the Tea party movement could solidify into something. On the left the Green party is the most likely successor to the Democratic party.

Getting back to the question of who should win now. Politics is always the processes of choosing the lesser of the available evils. I’d have to say the Democrats because the Republicans have been in power most of the last 30 years and made a royal mess of things so now it is the other side’s turn.

Answer #2

At no time in our history was our government as spare as libertarian ideology advocates.

I certainly would be happy if libertarian leaning conservatives were more prominent in the Republican party than the social conservative and pro-corporate elements that now predominate though.

Answer #3

Even the teabaggers, who may consider to be libertarians, still court the social conservativces and pro-corporate interests. Look who theire leaders are, Palin and Beck.

Answer #4

Libertarian party. Just my opinion.

Answer #5

I’d like to see Libertarians win as well, but not if the party sells it’s soul to do so. The thing that’s appealing about it is that it’s a party of real principles, even if those principles don’t win elections. Taken to the extreme, libertarianism simply returns the US to an earlier state when the federal government played a miniscule role compared to the states, and the states played much smaller roles too.

Considering that this actually did work historically, I don’t think the argument that it can’t work holds any water. It might not be sustainable, but then, nothing is. It’s not like the current state of affairs is sitting in some nice stable minimum, the system is completely chaotic and in constant flux.

Answer #6

Ya, but the tea party people are for limited Government like the founding fathers and authors of our constitution intended for America, Can we all agree on that? It is the truth. oooh, but times have changed, we need government to take care of us. We need to put all of our money into a big pot and let the Government give everyone equal shares, so the one who sits on his butt all day has the same lifestyle as the one who works 60 hrs a week. hmmm, good luck with that.

Answer #7

I would have to second the vote for the Libertarian party. The republican-democratic party has long outlived any usefulness and may as well be known as the fascist party… it has a tendency of late of passing bills for private interests which privatize profits while socializing debt.

I would rather forego any party affiliations and let candidates be voted on solely based on their platforms. I would also rather have a vote with a paper trail… I fear the system is too easily gamed without one.

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