Which animal is smarter, cat or dog?

I have a cat and a dog and although I love my dog ten times more than the stupid cat, I have a feeling the kitty is just the smarter animal. I would like to think the dog has a social intelligence that the cat can’t match, and I think that’s correct. The dog is able to read me better, and respond to me better… but for plain old processing power, I think the cat has him beat. I’m torn though, are there any studies out there that conclusively prove the k-9 is the superior creature?

Answer #1

Well, it totally depends on the animals you have. Some dogs are smarter than some cats and some cats are smarter than dogs. But you also have to keep in mind that they have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, the cat can climb any tree safely, while the dog can track down anything. In some areas, the cat is “smarter” and in others, the dog is. :] In my opinion, cats in general have more smarts than dogs because dogs are a little clumsier. But dogs in general have more heart than cats.

Oh! Personal experience time now. xD I have a cat named Hina and my whole family adores her. She has the smarts of a cat (in general, as I was saying above), but she also has the heart of a dog (in general, as I was saying above). She’s the best pet I have ever had and she’s just great. <333 And funny thing is she can play fetch with these little balls that she plays with… The kind with the little bell in it? Because she can get a grip on it and everything and she actually brings it back! :D

Answer #2

I’m katwoman but I say Dogs.

Answer #3

both pets are smart, just in different ways. I personally think that the cats are smarter, because they grom themselves, they cover their “dirt” and they’re observant. They are also very cunning and witty.

Answer #4

DOGS by far

Answer #5

I think there both pretty smart in differ ways,but im leaning more on cats,because well they need love to, but they dont bug you for it all the time like my dog does.being indepandent is always smarter.

Answer #6

dogs suck… cats are obviously smarter… they cover their crap… bwahaha!

Answer #7

Like previously said, it depends on the breed. Not ever owning a cat my self, my opinion on them may be wrong, but I get the image that their intelligence levels are at a much more consistent area then that of dogs. I find that dogs intelligence level is less consistent, going varying from a much lower levels of a cats (my image), to also a much higher level to that of a cats.

Answer #8

My cat Chuckie recognizes himself in the mirror… at first he thought his reflection was another cat. Later he caught on, but isn’t overly fussed that he can see himself in a mirror.

Answer #9

LOL geriann…

Hard to tell…I would have said cat, but I caught my 14 y/o Siamese peeing down the heat vent the other day…after 13.9 years of going outside to pee…Not very smart, he might end up living outside.


Answer #10

I’m sure intelligence does vary among the species just as it varies among us humans. However, there is one thing to remember about the dog brain and the cat brain:

A dog can recognize itself in the mirror. A cat cannot. This means that a dog has a concept of self. That’s pretty smart.

By the way, I’m a big-time cat lover and friend to the smartest cat in the world. :)

Answer #11

Cat’s are too independent to let themselves take IQ tests. You own a dog, cat’s tolerate your presence. Sometimes.

I think dogs are smarter in every way that counts.

Answer #12

Ahh Whiskey is my cat’s name ;D

And. I think they both are smarter in different ways. Like..dogs have better sences, follow dicections a lot easier. Cats.. Actually im gunna go wih dogs :P

Answer #13

Okay… moving right along from that…

It really does depend on the animal- my cat isn’t the smartest cat in the world, but thinking back to when she was a kitten, I remember thinking it was pretty insightful for her to “look for the other cat” behind the mirror whenever she saw her reflection. I’ve seen plenty of dogs smarter than her in terms of looking at their behaviour in different scenarios, but I’ve also seen some pretty unintelligent dogs. My partner’s sister’s dog is a prime example- that dog is really cute, but not the brightest crayon in the box!

Answer #14

I have to say both are smart

Answer #15

I have to say cats. first of all, I have to admit I’m bias. owning more cats then anyone I ‘ve either met in person or on the internet, my cats are really intelligent. I taught mine to play fetch, open doors, cabinets, drawers.

Answer #16

top cat under dog that says it all ;)

Answer #17

My Cat is smarter

Answer #18

they are both the same. dogs follow the pack leader and cats are solitary so they dont need to awnser to anyone.

Answer #19

I say cats, but there are some smart dogs. My dog however has no brain.

Oohh a kitty!

Answer #20

my mom is a vet. cats are smarter than dogs only because they are more aware of their surroundings

Answer #21

Eleni: Really? I didn’t know that… you learn something new every day!

Answer #22

I say dogs r

Answer #23


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