Wheres the best place to buy nicely Fitting bras?

Answer #1

Macy’s and Victoria Secret have an extended selection and most fit woderfully u basically have to choose which design u like

Answer #2

If you have trouble finding a bra then you can go to like one of those bra&gurdle factories.I believe they make special sizes that they usually don’t make in other stores like as if your in between a size.

Answer #3

Victoria’s secret, they may be a bit pricey but i have to say theyre bras are comfy and very supporting. If you have trouble finding the right one just ask a sales person and they will fit you with exactly what you are looking for.

Answer #4

I personally love the stuff from Lord & Taylor’s The women will actually help you there by the fitting room with a measuring tape & are willing to help advise you on the best fit for your body. It may be a bit pricey, but there are special days where they offer 20-50% discounts on all the stuff (like Wednesday) so that is a day to shop!:P

I love Victoria Secrets stuff as well but they simply arent as friendly there & you have to literally search for some help if there is anyone even free to help you, which is why I simply stopped buying their stuff!

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Answer #8

I mostly go to Lasenza but the prices are killing me maan

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no prob! :)

Answer #12

welcome :D

Answer #13

welcome :)

Answer #14

If you go to Victoria Secrets; they can personally fit you for free! (:

Answer #15

victoria secret

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