Wheres the best place to get a new phone for cheap?

Okies, my phone was stolen, I need a new on O2, wheres the best place where I can get on chaep? (Like £20-£40) which has buletouth, and a good memory ect. (Ebay ect any good?) I need it soon. =/


Answer #1

I buy all my phones off of Ebay. Here are the sellers that I sell from… itrimming, llcellular, thecoolcell. I have never had any trouble with any of these and have been buying from them for about 5 years now.

Answer #2

Got one.

Answer #3

well I would recommend an LG Chocolate , sony ericsson k750i - k550i . or have a look on this website (U.K.)


Answer #4

as well as ebay try a store like cask converters, or a second hand store that also selld eletrical things and that. a lot of people get rid of there phones for the next model up so there not brand new, but you can find a lot of very recent ones for cheap! also make sure you get the stolen phones disabled, that way no one can make any calls or anything on it

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