Where should I put my baby turtle in water or in empty bowl?

Today I bought a baby turtle .. But im confused where to put it in water or empty bowl ..

Answer #1

Its a best way to put a turtle in in a bowl having shallow water and a peice of flat rock in the middle. but be sure that the water is level is low then the rock and the shape of the rock is flat so that the baby turtle cud climb on it easily. :)

Answer #2

thnx .. wht abt food .. once a day ?

Answer #3

How about this, since turtles are reptiles why not have a rock with water surrounding it in the bowl.

This way if he doesn’t want water he can simply climb back up the rock, also make sure to keep the water shallow :)

One other thing make sure that the turtle can actually climb the rock. I had a pet turtle a while back and thats what we used I think it worked pretty well for our turtle :D

Answer #4

Once a day is good enough, after he gets older and is an adult you feed him about every 3 days or you can feed him daily in small doses ;)

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Answer #6

im not sure what type they are but im getting turtles that go in a tank

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