Where do you think the kid is that was in that helium balloon?

Where do you think the kid is that was in that helium balloon?

Answer #1

he actually wasn’t in his house but in his attic, his brother just thought that he did cause he went into the baloon once and he didn’t see him come out. but he’s ok

Answer #2

they said while it was traveling they saw something fall from teh balloon. and then when the balloon fell down, they didnt find the boy lol

apparatnly I think I just heard they saved him but dont know how.

im guessing he fell off the balloon lol

dude I wish I could of done that when I was 6 years old!!

Answer #3

I rad online they found him alive back at his house

Answer #4

I wondered about that. He could have possibly fell out of it. Hopefully he is okay.lol

Answer #5

.. I find that kinda funny.. but I doubt he couldve gone too far from where he lives.. or around that area

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